Autism Education, Awareness, & Sensitivity Training

Law enforcement as well as public and private agencies should proactively train their  workforce, especially H.R. trainers, supervisors, and any other personel that come in daily contact with the public or staff, to recognize the behavioral symptoms and characteristics of a child or adult who has autism, and learn basic response techniques, communication skills, and how to create an environment of incusion. It is of the most urgent importance to bridge the gap between neuro-typical society and the autism community. This is the mission of Heroes 4 Autism.

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Cutting Edge Autism Education and Sensitivity Training.

Heroes 4 Autism is a Wyoming Non profit based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  H4A boasts the largest traveling team of current law enforcement and emergency responders teaching our comprehensive classes including Autism As Applied to emergency first responders. This brand of "Peer to Peer" training is unique to Heroes 4 Autism.

Heading up our team of educators is Sgt. Tim Sutton, the countries foremost expert on Autism as applied to first responder training. With over 25 years of instructing law enforcement and civilians, H4A has quickly become the preeminete autism training program.

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Heroes 4 Autism is a Giving Back Fund Project!

As of September 14th 2018, Heroes 4 Autism has partnered with The Giving Back Fund. The giving Back Fund is a wonderful organization that partners with people who measure their lives by how much they do for others, and help them achieve their goals! 

Breaking News!

About Us

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Hal & Kathryn Bray

Hal & Kathryn Bray


Hal & Kathryn Bray began their autism education when their then 3-year-old son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. After challenging themselves to provide the most current and proactive resources for their own child they identified a need in the community and decided to become a resource themselves. Out of this decision came Heroes 4 Autism.

Heroes 4 Autism

is a The Giving Back Fund project.

We partner with people who measure their lives by how much they do for others, and help them achieve their goals. Contact us to explore how to turn your dream to improve the world into a reality.

Heroes 4 Autism

Sgt. Tim Sutton- Founding Board Member

Heroes 4 Autism's Tim Sutton talks about the critical need for autism education

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Heroes 4 Autism's Co Founder, Hal Bray

Hal Bray discusses Heroes 4 Autism's upcomming agenda, events and opportunites.

The Autism Reality Experience

Brought to you by Heroes 4 Autism

Hal Bray of Heroes 4 Autism introduces a new partner and a new cutting edge training tool! Check it out!


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